HCT Custom Hollow Cathode Tip

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Laboratory model hollow cathode tip (HCT).

1/8 to 3/8 inch tube outer diameter.

Internal patented low work function insert (Pat. No. 10,002,738).

Customer-specified overall length.

Optional swaged two-ferrule-style tube fitting for, typically finger-tight, connection to user’s system.

Plasma Controls will apply a typical orifice diameter for the given tube diameter unless specified by the customer.

Heaterless ignition. No heater cable present nor heater power supply required. Ignition achieved using a combination of elevated voltage bias and/or process gas flow according to user requirements and capabilities.



XXX = Outer tube diameter in inches

YYY = Overall length in inches

Z = F for a pre-swaged tube fitting, or leave (blank) for no fitting.

Example: HCT-125-200-F (1/8” OD tube, 2.00 inch length, with tube fitting)

HCT Data Sheet

HCT Drawing

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