E-VADER Energy & Velocity Analyzer

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The E-VADER (Energy and Velocity Analyzer for Distributions of Electric Rockets) is a combined energy (ESA) and velocity (ExB) analyzer. The device can determine energy-specific species fractions downstream of ion thrusters, Hall-effect thrusters, ion sources, or other plasma devices.

The front end of the device houses an electrostatic energy-per-charge filter, i.e. an Electrostatic Energy Analyzer (ESA), which can be tuned to pass ions having a narrow energy band from the wider overall distribution. However, the electrostatic section does not distinguish between singly-, doubly-, or triply-charged ions that have the same energy-per-charge ratio.

The back end of the devices houses a ExB (Wien) velocity filter, which can distinguish between charged particles of different velocity. For instance, singly-, doubly-, or triply-charged ions that have the same energy-per-charge ratio have different velocities.

Therefore, the charge state composition can be resolved using the ExB section, having first been resolved for energy using the upstream ESA section. Current fractions can be determined at numerous energies using E-VADER, gleaning distribution information that cannot be determined from standalone energy analyzers (ESA or RPA) or velocity filters (ExB).

The upstream electrostatic section can be used either as an energy analyzer (e.g. ESA), using a mid-point electrode as an ion collector, or as a filter to pass energy-selected ions to the ExB section (full E-VADER).

Dimensions: Approx. 2.2 kg, 21 cm depth x 37 cm width x 5 cm height

Lead Time: Typically 6 weeks if not in stock.

The "Probe Only" option is the E-VADER having a 6-pin connector carrying electrode biases, and two triaxial connectors carrying collector currents.

The "Probe + Feedthroughs + Cables" option includes the probe, in-vacuum and air-side teflon-based cables, and double-ended 6-pin and triaxial feedthroughs. By default, each cable is 10 feet (3 meters) long, and the feedthroughs are mounted on KF40 flanges - we will confirm these options prior to assembly.

Accessories: Plasma Controls can provide both in-vacuum and air-side cables at customer-specified lengths, as well as feedthroughs mounted on KF16, KF40, KF50, Conflat CF1.33, CF2.75, CF3.375, NASA 4.5"OD standard, or customer-specified flanges.

The customer will typically need to provide laboratory power supplies (e.g. ~600 V at low current) and a sensitive electrometer/ammeter for measurements. Plasma Controls can provide custom quotes for this equipment and LabView or python-based software.